How to Use AJAX to Load PHP Codes?

Answer You can make your single PHP page a one-stop location for a host of different functionalities by requesting, running, and loading PHP code fragments using the Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)... Read More »

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Does an excessively heavy load of bran muffins need to be fixed to a load bearing wall?

How do you build a bread box that will accomodate bran muffins? In Do It Yourself (DIY) - Asked by Uncle Wayne's Uncle Joe - 0 answers - 2 minutes ago If I mixed bran flakes with putty, would that... Read More »

Does a CPU load affect how fast or slow Web pages load?

CPU load has a direct effect on the speed at which a Web page loads. In order for the Web page to load, the CPU must load it into your computer’s memory. Then your Web browser, which requires the... Read More »

What is the difference between load&no load funds?

Mutual funds are available in load and no-load funds. A load is a sales commission paid to your broker or financial adviser.Front-End LoadsIf a mutual fund has a front-end load, you pay a commissio... Read More »

How to Add Ajax Extensions?

The Microsoft .NET Ajax extensions add functionality to your form elements. You must install the Ajax extension to activate them and make each Ajax component available for your Web development. The... Read More »