How to Use 36801-16 & 99280-16 Lifters?

Answer The valve train in automotive engines utilizes a rotating camshaft to actuate pushrods that open and close intake and exhaust valves. In a conventional valve train, clearance between the pushrod a... Read More »

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Solid Lifters Vs. Hydraulic Lifters?

The essential difference between solid and hydraulic (fluid operated) lifters is that hydraulic lifters contain a hydraulic plunger within the lifter body. Other differences between the two types o... Read More »

How to Set Hydraulic SBC Lifters?

It's uncommon for the hydraulic lifters on a small-block Chevy engine to need adjustment, but sometimes lifters will begin to wear, which requires that you reset them. If you replace the lifters, d... Read More »

How to Check Lifters?

A hydraulic lifter is a component used in internal combustion engines that sits between the camshaft and valve. The spring in the lifter allows the valve to maintain zero clearance in the engine. ... Read More »

How to Check for Bad Lifters?

Valve lifters come in two types: adjustable and hydraulic. Both types of lifters provide the opening and closing of the exhaust and intake valves by contact with the camshaft. Hydraulic lifters use... Read More »