How to Use 20 Minute Mud as Wall Texture?

Answer Drywall compounds offer a new twist on home decorating by adding visual interest with texture rather than the usual flat paint or wallpaper. Those that dry in 20 minutes (known as 20-minute muds) ... Read More »

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How do I add color to wall texture?

Buy a bag of wall texture. In most cases, you can use powdered wall texture compound, or if you're only doing a small area, powdered joint compound works. Use either paint or a tint to add the colo... Read More »

What is knockdown wall texture?

Knockdown wall texture is one way to dress up an otherwise flat drywall surface. Done properly, knockdown wall texture can add an elegant look to a room, or simply dress it up in lieu of paint or w... Read More »

How do I put texture on a sheetrock wall?

Examine the WallsExamine the walls in your home to determine which walls you'd like to add texture to. Plan to texture entire walls, or add texture to only half of each wall for an individual style... Read More »

How much does it cost to texture a wall?

On One Hand: Hired ProjectTexturing a small 10 by 12 room costs about $450 by a professional painting contractor, according to a 2010 estimate on the Do It Yourself Or Not Website. Divide that by f... Read More »