How to Upload to a Mini Disc?

Answer The MiniDisc is a digital audio player from Sony. The player used miniature disc cartridges to hold the music, and music could be written and re-written to the mini discs using a computer. One of t... Read More »

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How do I upload videos to a DVD disc?

Uploading Videos to DVD discInsert a blank DVD-R into your DVD burn drive; a small window pops up on your screen in Windows. Select the option to burn a disc with Windows Media Player. Click the "B... Read More »

How do i upload my pictures without installing my camera disc?

Mel's link is to upgrade the firmware inside the camera, you don't need any software to download the pics.Its all so much easier with a card reader, but if you haven't got one plug the USB lead tha... Read More »

I have a dvd recorded from my mini dvd camera and want to upload it to youtube. How do I convert it?

You will have to 'finalise' the mini DVD first - your camera manual will tell you how to do that - but you should note that once a DVD is finalised you cannot record any more video on it.then try i... Read More »

How do you upload videos from a DVD+R disc to your computer to submit online.?

If you have a mini dvd camcorder….You will have to finalize your dvd in the camera and then put the dvd in your computer's DVD burner (top loading only) and then you will have to convert the file... Read More »