How to Upload Raw Files Into Photoshop?

Answer Adobe Photoshop is able to edit different kinds of image files, including .jpg, .pdf, .tif and .raw files. Professional photographers who work for magazines and newspapers often photograph in the .... Read More »

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Where should I upload the files on internet for others to download these files?

Mediafire :D free and perfect for small files.

How to Upload Fonts to Photoshop?

Sometimes, a new font is just what you need to spice up your project or graphic. Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, it is easy to download and install new fonts to use in any application. There a... Read More »

How can I upload a template I made on Photoshop on my blog?

That depends on what version of Adobe's PhotoShop you are currently using (it would have been nice to know that in your question).Usually it can be found under the FILE menu as the choice of SAVE F... Read More »

How to Convert Photoshop Files to PDF Files?

Photoshop files are often large documents with several layers of graphics and text. They can be difficult to email or save to a disk because of their size. One way to greatly reduce the size of a P... Read More »