How to Upload Pics From Your Boost Mobile Phone to Facebook?

Answer Uploading photos right from a mobile phone is getting easier with the help of a personalized download email that sends photos and updates from your email account right to your Facebook Wall. Even i... Read More »

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How can i upload mobile pics into a facebook group album from a Android phone?

Step 1. In the Facebook mobile app, go to your profile and head to the "Photos" tab. Tap to select the album where you'd like to place the photo.Step 2. In the upper right, tap the camera button an... Read More »

How to Post Pics on Facebook From a Mobile Phone?

Facebook members can post and share their photos right from their mobile phones. With Facebook Mobile, you can eliminate memory cards and computers, facilitating almost-instant sharing. Facebook as... Read More »

How do you upload a picture to Facebook with a mobile phone?

Well the first American carrier was AT&T which payed extra to be the only carrier to own the iPhone until March 2011 when Verizon broke the contract and a CDMA version was made, doubling sales.

How to Upload Videos From Your Droid Phone to Facebook?

While some smart phones, such as the iPhone, upload videos directly from the device to Facebook, Motorola's Android (commonly known as the Droid) does not have the capability. However, there are tw... Read More »