How to Upload Photos in Flash?

Answer While some think of Flash as an animation program, it can also work with still images. Uploading photographs and graphics in Flash is a straightforward process. PNGs, JPGs, GIFs and PSDs can all be... Read More »

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I want to upload my some photos in Wikipedia. Can i write my name on my photos?

The media you upload must meet all the criteria outlined in Wikipedia:Non-free content, which I can summarize as follows : * They must not be replaceable by free alternatives even when s... Read More »

How to Upload Photos to CNN?

The Internet has turned anyone in the right place at the right time into a reporter. News organizations around the world routinely solicit eye-witness accounts and photos of breaking news as it hap... Read More »

Help want to upload photos?

Ets easy you need a a/c on any social website like facebook and google+ and upload your pics and select they see only by you. I have ten years old picture in my Orkut a/c and it is private. no body... Read More »

How do I upload photos to IM?

Sending Photos Via Windows Live MessengerClick on the screen name representing the person with whom you want to share photos. Select "Photos" from the menu at the top of your Windows Live Messenger... Read More »