How to Upholster Auto Seats?

Answer Vehicle seats do experience wear and tear during their lifetime just like anything that gets used regularly. You may eat in your car and make a mess on the seats, you may transport goods which coul... Read More »

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How Do I Upholster Car Seats?

Upholstering automobile seats involves patience and creativity. Reupholstering your car allows you to customize your automobile or update the appearance of a classic vehicle. This can transform the... Read More »

How to Trim & Upholster Car Seats?

Car seats suffer through a lot of wear and tear. They get sat on, spilled on, and abused everyday. Over time, the upholstery on your car seats may rip, stain or just appear worn out. Reupholstering... Read More »

How to Upholster Leather Motorcycle Seats?

Although many motorcycles are works of art, the motorcycle seats can become uncomfortable when the foam padding deteriorates. There are also times when the original leather motorcycle seat gets wor... Read More »

How to Re-Upholster 1998 Pontiac Trans Am Seats?

The Pontiac Trans Am, first manufactured in 1967, utilizes bucket seats reminiscent of the seat style of classic cars. The 1998 Trans Am, part of the fourth generation, uses seats that resemble tho... Read More »