How to Upgrade an Xbox 20Gb Hard Drive?

Answer If you've found yourself unable to save an Xbox 360 game because you ran out of space, you may wonder how to upgrade your 20 GB hard drive without losing any of your information. There is a way to ... Read More »

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How to Upgrade a 20Gb to a 60Gb Driver Hard Drive on XBox 360 Pro?

The Xbox 360 Pro originally was manufactured with a 20GB hard drive. The Xbox 360 hard drive can easily be removed and inserted into the console, making upgrading to a larger 60GB hard drive a prac... Read More »

How to Transfer Saves From a 20Gb to a 120Gb Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

Game saves that are stored on a 20Gb Xbox 360 hard drive can be transferred to another Xbox 360 hard drive. To transfer your games saves, you need an Xbox 360 hard drive transfer kit. You can buy t... Read More »

Can you transfer saves from a 20gb to a 120gb Xbox 360 hard drive using an Ethernet cable?

The Xbox 360’s Ethernet port is used exclusively for connecting the console to Xbox Live. You can transfer saved data from one Xbox 360 hard drive to another using an “Xbox 360 Hard Drive Trans... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Hard Drive on an Xbox 360 Arcade?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console comes in several bundles. The "Xbox 360 Arcade," is the lower-end model that does not include a hard drive. Although this model is less expensive than others... Read More »