How to Upgrade a Form Factor BTX Motherboard?

Answer The process of upgrading a BTX form factor motherboard is virtually identical to updating the older ATX-style motherboards. In essence, you still need to remove the motherboard and swap in the new ... Read More »

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Can you upgrade a processor rather than the motherboard?

Yes. However, it can be tricky. There are a variety of CPU connection styles (called sockets), and you must ensure that the new CPU and the old CPU use the same socket. You must also ensure that yo... Read More »

How to Upgrade My Motherboard's Processor?

As a computer ages and newer, more powerful pieces of software are released, many PC owners will find themselves in need of upgrading their hardware. One of the most important upgrades is the compu... Read More »

What is a small form factor?

Small form factor computer systems are smaller than traditional towers and desktops. Small form factor styles include cubes, book-sized PCs and miniature home theatre PCs (HTPC) models. Due the sma... Read More »

How to Upgrade an IBM Aptiva 2156 Motherboard?

If you want to upgrade a motherboard, free up your schedule because this task can get very frustrating and time consuming. First, you have to remove most of the hardware that sits on top of the mot... Read More »