How to Upgrade Ubuntu?

Answer Ubuntu regularly releases minor updates that fix bugs and security problems for its Linux-based operating system, but it also regularly releases new major versions. Ubuntu releases a new version, w... Read More »

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What OS should I upgrade from Ubuntu?

I thoroughly recommend Fedora 13 for being a fine intermediate distro.Fedora 13 Download 13 Installation Guide…Fed... Read More »

How to Upgrade VLC in Ubuntu?

The version of VLC in the standard Ubuntu repository (version 0.9.9) contains the controls in a separate window to the video output. This article lists steps to upgrade VLC to a beta test of versio... Read More »

How to Upgrade an Ubuntu Release?

Hello, everybody! If you have Ubuntu Warty 4.10 installed and want to upgrade to Hoary Hedgehog 5.04, then follow these easy steps. First, you must have an active Internet connection. If it's dial-... Read More »

How to Upgrade Ubuntu to Windows Operating System?

If you are currently running Linux operating system and would like to upgrade to Windows then look no further. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that Linux operating system makes use of a ... Read More »