How to Upgrade From an Electronic Brake Controller to an Inertia Brake Controller?

Answer Trailer brake controllers are available in a variety of styles. Two of the most common are time-delay controllers and inertia-based controllers. Time delay controllers have an electrical signal tha... Read More »

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How to Wire a Brake-Force Electronic Brake Controller?

Larger trailers and tow-behind campers use an independent braking system controlled by the towing vehicle. To control this braking system, the tow vehicle must be equipped with an electronic brake ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Electronic Brake Controller?

When an electronic brake controller fails to work properly, stopping heavy trailers can become a dangerous endeavor. Fortunately, many of the electronic brake controllers available on today's marke... Read More »

How to Wire an Electronic Brake Controller?

Proper installation and wiring of an electronic brake control will ensure that tow rigs are able to safely stop trailers equipped with electric brakes. Regardless of the brand of electronic brake c... Read More »

Electronic Trailer Brake Controller Information?

Electronic trailer brake controllers are important tools when towing trailers that are too heavy for your vehicle to stop effectively. Properly set an electronic trailer brake controller will ensu... Read More »