How to Update to the Current Version of Flagfox?

Answer Flagfox is an add-on feature for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. It displays a flag on the Firefox address bar that indicates the location of the web server that's currently being accessed. Clicki... Read More »

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If there is not official update provided by the manufacturer can you use custom roms to update the device to next android version?

From my own experience, yes, you so can. I might warn you though, it needs rooting your device, which can brick your phone. I'm not responsible for any damage, so here what I do. Example: You have... Read More »

How to Check Your Current Flash Version?

Adobe Flash Player is a multimedia program that allows users to view Internet movies or display a web interface. Adobe Systems distributes the Flash Player as a plug-in for popular web browsers suc... Read More »

Is it possible to update your android version?

This is how:Press the "Up" arrow key 2 times, then press the "Left" arrow key 3 times, then press the "Down" arrow key 1 time, then press the "Left" arrow key 1 time, then press the "Down" arrow ke... Read More »

How to Update to Java Version 6.0?

Updating the version of Java on your computer to 6.0 will ensure that you have continued access to websites that run Java and that the Java applications running on your computer operate efficiently... Read More »