How to Update the MySQL Server?

Answer The free MySQL database server is regularly updated for security, stability and feature patches. Updating your edition of MySQL allows you access to the latest in the database's technology and can ... Read More »

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How to Find a List of Databases on a MySQL Server?

A MySQL database, or schema, contains tables and data and is stored on a Web server. The server itself holds one or more databases. Some larger applications may use several tables across several da... Read More »

How to Connect to a Remote Database Server for MySQL With PHP?

Connecting to a MySQL database using PHP is necessary in database driven websites. Many websites require MySQL databases for storing user information such as usernames, passwords, descriptions and ... Read More »

How to Install the MySQL Database Server on Your Windows PC?

Databases like MySQL can be tricky to set up. To properly install and configure MySQL on your PC, follow these instructions.

How to Create an Apache MySQL Server Account Using Webmin?

Webmin is an easy-to-use system administration tool. You can use this tool to create user accounts, MySQL Server account and Apache, DNS and file sharing. You need to install Webmin in order to man... Read More »