How to Update and Replace Substrings in SQL?

Answer SQL Server has a "substr" function that lets you edit or remove parts of a string. You edit a string with "substr" to extract only certain characters and assign those extracted characters to anothe... Read More »

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How to Find Substrings in Python?

One of the major advantages of using Python is the readability of its code. When programming in Python, you may need to find if an item is a subset of a string. For example, if you are developing w... Read More »

How can I update my iPhone 3GS from 4.2.1- iOS 5.1.1 There is no option in the setting for software update ?

You must do this update through iTunes on your computer. It also may not appear because 5.1 is not compatible with that version. I think it is, so I would try plugging it into your computer and doi... Read More »

Can't update iPhone to 4.2 Whenever I try to update it only says that iTunes is up to date?

Apple really screwed this one up. They apparently are trying to abandon their Tiger OS, not realizing how many people are still actively using a Mac with OSX 10.4. Currently, in order to update to ... Read More »

I plugged in printer. There is no automatic update for driver from windows 8 update. Weird?

Not weird. You have several options - go to printer website and see if there is a driver available to download. try the disk that came with the printer. Hope the printer will work if you install a ... Read More »