How to Update QuickTime Codecs?

Answer QuickTime is a video playback software package designed for the Apple OSX computer operating system. The codecs installed in the QuickTime software are used to play different video formats such as ... Read More »

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How to Update Codecs for Windows Media Player?

A codec is a small application that helps in encoding or decoding files such as video and audio files. To operate correctly, your Windows Media Player must have the correct codec associated with it... Read More »

CSI Crime scene investigation for the PC. I downloaded the Quicktime 6 with the disc as told on many sites and the game wont run with quicktime 6 but will with a new version but white box is there.?

I think so. I mean, for all the esteem he gives Dexter on his work, in Season 2, Dexter did nothing but screw up his cases and didn't help on the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation much. Lundy even c... Read More »

About Codecs?

Short for COmpressor/DECompressor, a codec allows a computer to compress or decompress certain file types and sees use specifically with audio and video files. High-quality audio and video files of... Read More »

How do I uninstall codecs?

Click on the "Start" menu in Windows and select "Control Panel" on the right-hand side of the menu that appears. Double-click "Add/Remove Programs." Scroll down the list of programs until you see t... Read More »