How to Update PRL on Sprint Phones?

Answer Updating the preferred roaming list (PRL) on your Sprint phone can help improve signal strength on and off the Sprint network, reduce drop calls, and assist with Web connection issues. It also can ... Read More »

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Can Sprint phones be unlocked for MetroPCS phones?

Sprint phones may be unlocked for use on the MetroPCS network via the MetroFLASH program. Select phones from a range of manufacturers are eligible for the program, which is offered in MetroPCS mark... Read More »

What does a clean ESN mean for Sprint phones?

A clean ESN (electronic serial number) with regards to the Sprint network means a cell phone or aircard is not one reported to Sprint as lost or stolen, and you can activate it on a Sprint account.... Read More »

Can Verizon phones be used on Sprint?

Verizon phones are compatible with the Sprint network because both carriers utilize CDMA networks. Likewise, Sprint phones will also work on Verizon. Sometimes, however, carriers lock phones so the... Read More »

Do Sprint phones use SIM cards?

A SIM card (subscriber identification module) is a microchip, which stores user information, such as phone numbers. A SIM card is similar to a hard disk making switching from one phone to another e... Read More »