How to Unwrinkle a Silk Cloth?

Answer Silk cloth is lightweight, attractive and can be used to make a variety of clothing. Since silk has a tendency to wrinkle, it is important to know how to remove wrinkles from it. Although you can d... Read More »

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How is silk cloth made?

Textile manufacturers produce silk cloth through a long, complicated process. The threads for silk come from the cocoons of silkworms, which grow under precise conditions in order to produce qualit... Read More »

How to Put Transfers on Silk Satin Cloth?

Iron-on transfers allow you to decorate and personalize fabric with words and images using heat to transfer ink onto cloth. Due to the more delicate nature of silk, heat can damage the fabric and r... Read More »

How to Unwrinkle Velvet?

The name velvet refers to the composition of the fabric and not the fabric itself. Velvet can be cotton, silk or rayon. Velvet is soft, drapes well and feels good against the skin. It is often used... Read More »

In a pair of silk stockings the silk stockings are a symbol of?