How to Unstick the Throttle in a Yamaha R6?

Answer A Yamaha R6 relies on precise throttle openings to operate at its peak potential on the road or the race track. But a sticking throttle can not only cost an R6 rider a race track victory, it can cr... Read More »

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How to Change a Yamaha ATV Throttle?

Yamaha's all-terrain vehicles use a thumb-operated lever attached to the right handlebar to open and close the throttle valve within the machine's carburetor or throttle body. The lever is attached... Read More »

How to Unstick a Door?

There are many reasons a door can stick. Here are a few simple suggestions to help you to get a door unstuck.

How do I unstick a house window?

Break SealVerify that the window is unlocked. Insert a putty knife blade between the bottom of the window and the windowsill. Tap the handle of the putty knife gently to wedge in the blade. Move th... Read More »

How to Unstick Piston Rings?

Piston rings -- there are five of them: one set of three rings and two sets of one ring on each piston -- ride in grooves on the pistons. The rings keep the oil from getting into the exhaust and ai... Read More »