How to Unseize a Snowmobile Engine?

Answer Engines that are left unused for extended periods of time have a tendency to "seize up" when you attempt to start them. Un-seizing a snowmobile engine is like un-seizing any other type of engine. A... Read More »

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How to Break in a New Snowmobile Engine?

There's always been a lot of debate on how to properly break in a new snowmobile. Many people will tell you to "ride it as you always would" and it will be fine. If you take their advice you'll be... Read More »

How to Tune the Engine for the Kawasaki 440 Fireburst Snowmobile?

The Kawasaki 440 Fireburst Snowmobile is a high-performance snowmobile that features an engine designed and built by John Deere. The Fireburst is versatile and rugged; however, it does need regular... Read More »

How much does it cost to rebuild a snowmobile engine?

In 2008, an estimated cost to rebuild a three-cylinder snowmobile engine was $811, including parts and labor. For a smaller two-cylinder snowmobile engine, this estimated rebuild cost was $514. Act... Read More »

Do you need a snowmobile helmet for a snowmobile?

Some states require a helmet to be worn when operating a snowmobile, while others do not. In Alaska, helmets are not mandatory when driving a snowmobile, but everyone on a snowmobile in Michigan mu... Read More »