How to Unlock the Front Panel on an RCA TV?

Answer The Front Panel Block parental control feature on your RCA TV helps keep children from playing with the controls or watching TV when a parent is not around. You may want to change your parental con... Read More »

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How do you unlock front panel lock of RCA tv without remote control?

How to unlock the front panel lock on an RCA 27v520t tv with no remote?

The name and model of a Dishwasher the has a trim kit to install a one quarter inch thick wood panel front. Hot point is our old one now has a wood panel on it now?

Answer The model number is supposed to be on a sticker on the inside somewhere. LOOK FER IT!

How to Remove the Panel When the Car's Back Door Won't Unlock?

If your car's back door won't unlock, you may have problem with the linkage in the door. To access the lock and latch linkage, you'll need to remove the interior door panel. There is no single way ... Read More »

How do I unlock a Dell flat panel monitor?

Unlocking the Dell MonitorLocate the release button on the back of the unit at the base of the stand. Use light pressure to push down on the top of the Dell flat panel monitor while pressing the re... Read More »