How to Unlock the Dragon in "War of the Monsters"?

Answer One of the bonus characters in "War of the Monsters" is the flying, fire-breathing dragon Raptros. Players get tokens for every monster they defeat in single player modes. At 200,000 tokens, Raptro... Read More »

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How many times can you fight Infamous Monsters in"Dragon Quest VIII"?

In "Dragon Quest VIII," the Infamous Monsters can be fought an infinite number of times. If Morrie's Monster Arena has been opened, monsters will be sent there upon their defeat. Those monsters can... Read More »

What television programme was based on children at school entering a drawing of a dragon and going into its world to help fight the monsters with yellow glowing stones?

How to Unlock Specializations in "Dragon Age"?

Specializations in "Dragon Age" are subclasses that are dependent on the original archetype of the character. There are three archetypes to choose from at the beginning of the game: rogue, warrior ... Read More »

How to Unlock the Dragon's Breath on Multiplayer on "Black Ops" for PS3?

The Dragon's Breath is an ammunition attachment for the Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun (SPAS) in the first-person shooter video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops" for the PlayStation 3. The SPAS-12 ... Read More »