How to Unlock the Doppelganger Style in DMC3?

Answer One way to keep the gameplay in "Devil May Cry 3" fresh is by switching up fighting styles. There are six fighting styles total in the game, one of which is the "Doppelganger" style. The style is u... Read More »

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Who's your cinematic doppelganger?

Julia Roberts as Laura in Sleeping with the EnemyI had a husband just like him. Forks had to be laid a certain way in the drawers, spoons, Towels had to be hung right. And the cabinets OMG had to ... Read More »

How to Play Doppelganger on Facebook?

The first week of February every year is known as Doppelganger Week on Facebook. During Doppelganger Week, a Facebook user is instructed to replace his profile picture with that of a celebrity he t... Read More »

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amy adams, i think

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I'm having deja moose! You know where I stand on that you need a fork and knife to eat is not pizza.