How to Unlock the Doors of a BMW 318is?

Answer When you lock your keys in your BMW 318is, there's only a few ways that you can unlock your doors. While the standard protocol is to call a locksmith or AAA, BMW offers a unique solution for its cu... Read More »

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How do I Unlock Big Truck Doors?

Big truck doors have either a manual or automatic locking system depending on the vehicle make and model. Manual door locks are unlocked using the ignition key. Automatic door locks are unlocked us... Read More »

How Can I Unlock My Car Doors If the Key Won't Turn?

Several things can cause your key not to turn when inserted into the car door. You can get into your car in most cases regardless of the cause, but it may require you to try a few different methods... Read More »

How to Unlock the Doors On a Mercury Cougar XR7?

The Mercury Cougar first entered the American market place in 1967 and served as Mercury's response to Ford's popular Mustang. The XR7 package came with more accessories than the base model. Even t... Read More »

How to Change Which Toyota Prius HSD Doors Unlock?

Each time you push the lock button together with the panic button on the smart key for about 5 seconds with the hybrid system off, the setting for door unlocking will change as follows: