How to Unlock an LG 500 Cell Phone?

Answer The LG 500 is a flip top phone that features an MP3 player, a camera, video and e-mail capability. It can store up to 64 MB of music on its flash card and play them on its dual speakers. If you p... Read More »

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How Do You Unlock Your Cell Phone?

Unlocking a cell phone can be quite tricky. It is better to give it to a cell phone retailer or repairer. He will do a much better job and with no hassles. He may charge a small fee in return. Thou... Read More »

How to Unlock the LG 125 Cell Phone?

By unlocking your cell phone, you are liberating it of any restrictions and you will be able to use it with the SIM card of the wireless carrier of your choice. Unlocking your cell phone enables yo... Read More »

How can I unlock my cell phone?

You can find companies that unlock cell phones on eBay and on the internet. Some companies are able to unlock the phones remotely, meaning if you send them the imei number on the phone, they send ... Read More »

Can you unlock a car through a cell phone?

You cannot unlock a car by having someone call you, hold up the extra car remote to the phone, and press the button. Cell phones and car remotes use different wavelengths. However, there are applic... Read More »