How to Unlock a Nokia 6120 Using a USB Cable?

Answer The Nokia 6120 is a smart phone that uses the Symbian operating system. If you purchased one through a mobile service provider, then it probably came locked. This means that you will not be able to... Read More »

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Can a Nokia 6120 be used in the USA?

The Nokia 6120 is a quad-band GSM-based cell phone. The phone's available calling frequencies include 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz and 1,900 MHz. The phone will work in the United States with the AT... Read More »

How to Install Zip Files on a Nokia 6120?

The Nokia 6120 wireless phone allows you to upload files directly to the phone through a USB data cable. Oftentimes when you download files from from the Internet for the Nokia 6120, it comes as a ... Read More »

How to Load MP3 Tunes to a Nokia 5200 Using a USB Cable?

The main usage of cell phones used to be for making phone calls. Over the years, the functionality of cell phones has grown vastly. Cell phones now are not just used for placing and receiving calls... Read More »

How do I Send Games to Nokia Mobile Using USB Cable?

Some Nokia cell phones possess the ability to play video games. These games range from small, flash-based board games to lifelike 3D games. The phones that allow you to obtain new games support dir... Read More »