How to Unlock a Nokia 2800?

Answer The Nokia 2800 series cell phones have a built-in lock to protect the user from accidentally dialing or pressing keys when they don't mean to. This is called a keyguard function. While the function... Read More »

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How to Unlock a Nokia N73?

Unlocking your Nokia N73 can be achieved using one of the many online services. All you need is to provide the unlocking company with your cell phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identi... Read More »

How to Unlock a Nokia E72?

You can buy some Nokia E72 smartphones subsidized by a wireless carrier, which means they sell at lower prices when bundled with a service contract. These E72 phones usually are locked to that wire... Read More »

How to Unlock a Nokia N70 RS-MMC?

The Nokia N70 is a part of Nokia's N-series of smart phones. A locked Nokia N70 refers to a cell phone that is connected to a SIM card in order to function. It will not work in another cell phone ... Read More »

How to Unlock a Nokia 1325?

Whenever you purchase a GSM phone directly from a wireless carrier or authorized dealer, the phone is electronically locked so that the device may not be used with a SIM card from another provider.... Read More »