How to Unlock a Jammed Glove Box?

Answer Hacking into a jammed glove box could either be a quick fix or a dramatic part of your day. There could be multiple solutions to apply to this specific problem.

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How to Open a Jammed Glove Box in a Honda?

The glove compartment in a Honda car is useful for storing small items that the driver can use during a trip--for example, chewing gum or mints, sunglasses or the car’s instruction manual. A jamm... Read More »

How to Fix a Jammed Glove Box in a 1997 Honda Civic?

Honda Civics have a reputation as affordable, high-quality automobiles. This holds true for the 1997 model. Being one of the most reliable automobiles on the road doesn't mean, however, that it's b... Read More »

How to Unlock the Glove Box in a BMW?

To unlock the glove box in most BMWs, you simply insert your key into the center lock cylinder on the glove box cover. On the X5 sport utility vehicle (SUV) and X6, however, things are a little tri... Read More »

How to Unlock a Glove Box?

Almost all cars come equipped with glove boxes. The small compartment located on the passenger side of the dashboard is normally where many drivers keep their proof of insurance, owner's manual, a ... Read More »