How to Unlock a Gateway Computer?

Answer Getting locked out of your Gateway computer can be frustrating, especially when you have school or work deadlines. You can get locked out of your Gateway computer in cases where a password-protecte... Read More »

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Who created the gateway computer?

Partners Ted Waitt and Mike Hammond created the Gateway computer, originally under the brand name Gateway 2000, in a Sioux City, Iowa, farmhouse. Waitt was a college dropout. They incorporated the ... Read More »

Who invented the gateway computer?

According to its website, Gateway was founded by Ted Waitt in 1985 inside an Iowa farmhouse. The computer's cow-spotted boxes acknowledge these origins. Taiwan-based Acer Inc. bought the company in... Read More »

How to Upgrade an Old Gateway Computer?

Performing a system upgrade to your old Gateway computer is a good alternative to shelling out the additional money to purchase a new model. This will enable you to extend the useful life of your o... Read More »

How do I boot a Gateway computer?

Press ButtonLocate a small fingertip-sized round or square button located on the front of the computer usually in the center. The actual location depends on the year and model of the Gateway comput... Read More »