How to Unlock a Car With a Keyless Remote Over the Phone?

Answer If you have locked your keys in your car, and have an extra keyless remote at home or where someone can access it, you can unlock your car with a phone call. The radio frequency signal sent from th... Read More »

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How do you unlock an electrohome tv with no remote?

Answer More than likely the remote is a radio device and the control circuit of the energy saving lamp is emitting interference on the same frequency as the remote. Answer The remote controller has... Read More »

How do you unlock electrohome with universial remote?

I faced this probelm and unlocked my TV. Key in your TV code to the remote. Press the + channel key repeatedly. This worked for me.

How can I program a keyless remote?

Programming a keyless-entry remote to a car can be easily done with the right instructions. The process for adding a keyless remote to any car with the accessibility for it is very similar in most ... Read More »

How do you unlock channels for Philips tv model pl6125c121 with rca universal remote?