How to Unlock My Car From a Distance?

Answer You can unlock your vehicle from up to 30 feet away by using a keyless remote. This hand-held device uses radio waves to unlock and lock your car. Keyless remotes save you the trouble of having to ... Read More »

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Does the distance you stretch the rubber band affect the distance it will travel?

The amount of potential energy in a stretched rubber band, and the distance it can travel, depends on how far it is stretched. According to Hooke's Law, an elastic object is stretched in proportio... Read More »

How to Find the Distance From Two Places?

Today's mapping programs make it easy to find directions and distances between multiple locations. These programs can find travel distances, or give you the the aerial distance between two points. ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Distance from Lightning?

You know how it is - a thunderstorm is approaching, and suddenly you hear an absolutely deafening clap of thunder. Whoa, that sounded close! At times it can even be frightening! But how close is th... Read More »

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