How to Unlock All 80 Cars in Burnout Paradise for the Xbox 360?

Answer There is no single code to unlock all 80 cars in "Burnout Paradise" for the Xbox 360, so earning them all individually takes patience and skill. A GameFAQs article offers a "Burnout Paradise" car l... Read More »

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How to Do Showtime in Burnout Paradise for PS3?

"Burnout Paradise" is a car-racing simulation developed by Criterion Games and released by Electronic Arts for the Playstation 3. Progress in the game is made by completing races and beating comput... Read More »

How to Stunt Run in Burnout: Paradise?

This is a true Stunt Run!For most playing Burnout: Paradise, the Stunt Run remains the hardest obstacle to reaching 100% completion. A multi-million point stunt run at first seems to be a daunting,... Read More »

Does the ps3 usb headset work for burnout paradise?

The Sony PlayStation 3 is compatible with almost any USB headset. Any game you play on your PS3 that supports headsets, such as "Burnout Paradise," will support most USB headsets, too. Just make su... Read More »

How to Win a Burning Route in Burnout Paradise?

Follow these steps to get a car on Burnout Paradise without taking it down.