How to Uninstall the Harley Evo Engine?

Answer Harley-Davidson is known for keeping its designs traditional -- including it's engines. In the mid-1980's however, the company did a major redesign of its engines. One of the results was the "Evo" ... Read More »

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Who designed the Harley Davidison V-Rod engine?

The V-Rod engine and chassis were designed as a joint project between Harley-Davidson's engineering and styling departments. Lead engineer Robb Dennert and senior project designer John Meyers heade... Read More »

Who designed the Harley Davidson V-Rod engine?

The Harley Davidson V-Rod engine was designed and built by Harley. The revolutionary motorcycle engine pushed Harley's bike performance forward with a little help from a German performance automobi... Read More »

How to Remove Oil Stains From a Harley Engine?

Removing oil stains from a Harley Davidson engine is a tedious task unless the engine has been removed from the bike and hasn't been chromed or painted. Oil stains on the engine form when an oil ga... Read More »

Are Harley Davidson engine codes ODB-II?

According to the official On-Board Diagnostics website, only cars and light trucks feature OBD-II connectors. In addition, a list of vehicles provided on the website does not list Harley Davidson v... Read More »