How to Uninstall the Grub Bootloader from a Dual Boot XP System With an XP CD?

Answer In many tutorials, it seems necessary to obtain a Windows 98 resource floppy disk in order to do this, but for those who own laptops can follow the alternative method as listed below.

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How to Boot a Floppy Image Using the Grub Bootloader?

Say you want/need to boot your computer from a floppy, but your computer has no floppy drive. You can boot your computer from a floppy disk image if you have the GRUB bootloader installed (found on... Read More »

How to Uninstall Unbuntu (Linux) from a Dual Boot System with BootIt Nex Gen Software?

You have Ubuntu or other Linux OS on your dual booted Windows PC and you want an easy way to remove Ubuntu/Linux, and here it is.

How do I uninstall Ubuntu from a dual boot?

Remove PartitionsBack up your Ubuntu files. Log in to an administrator account in Windows. Right-click "My Computer" on the desktop, choose "Manage," open the "Storage" menu and open "Disk Manageme... Read More »

How do I uninstall Ubuntu for dual boot?

Delete Linux PartitionsBack up all files from Ubuntu that you wish to keep. Log in to a Windows account with administrator privileges, right-click on "My Computer" and select "Manage." Expand the "... Read More »