How to Undo Yellowing From Hydrogen Peroxide on Clothes?

Answer Hydrogen peroxide, a clear, viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties, is commonly used as a stain remover and disinfectant. However, it can also cause yellow-colored stains on clothes and fa... Read More »

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How to Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to Clothes?

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach alternative that whitens your stained clothing by breaking up set-in protein stains that would otherwise permanently stay in the fabric. The colorless, odorless liquid... Read More »

Can you buy hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations is a very safe product and has many household uses. It is available for purchase. It can be used for cleaning, bleaching for first aid on cuts and even in to... Read More »

Hydrogen peroxide in My ear?

Do it Again. The wax has moved. If this doesn't work, get an ear cleaning kit at the drug store which has ear drops and a small water squirter to remove the loosened wax.

Hydrogen peroxide?

Ingestion of dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide may resultin vomiting, mild gastrointestinal irritation, gastric distension,and on rare occasions, gastrointestinal erosions or embolism(blockage ... Read More »