How to Understand the Quote "Be Not Afraid of Greatness"?

Answer Quotations are frequently used to impart meaning beyond their words. The context, history and author's intent matter when you are trying to understand a particular quotation. Considering the phrase... Read More »

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I'm afraid of driving because I am afraid of having a car accident?

Only if you're drunk or otherwise under the influence or if they can prove that you were intentionally trying to hurt someone with your car. Otherwise, if it's truly an accident, your insurance may... Read More »

How to Reveal the Greatness in You?

You have greatness inside of you...let it out!

If a woman is afraid of needles, shouldn't she be afraid of sex too?

Sex is overrated just because man thinks of it every 20 seconds doesn't mean it's important.

Groom's Guide to Greatness?

Sharpening a knife usually requires a whetstone, some oil, and quite a bit of elbow grease to put a proper edge on the blade. If, however, you do not have the required materials, time or simply wan... Read More »