How to Understand the Physiotherapy of Strokes?

Answer Strokes are caused by a blocked artery to the brain (ischemic stroke) or a bleeding artery (hemorrhagic stroke). Some of the brain tissue dies and causes loss of function or even death. The ability... Read More »

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What's the difference between 4 strokes and 2 strokes for 50cc scooter?

The main difference ,for that size motor,is that the 2 stroke uses mixed gas that has two stroke oil in it.Most have an oil injection system that allows you to not mix the gas yourself,yet always k... Read More »

Need help with physiotherapy?

you can't, and like most health problems, medicine can't do a thing for this one. if you've had some basic anatomy/physiology so far, you should have learned that the brain controls all in the body... Read More »

Erection During Physiotherapy?

Guys pop boners. Be happy it is working.Just try to keep it out of her way. Unless she is new, you probably aren't the first male this has happened with.

What are the benefits of going to Physiotherapy after breaking your arm?

Well i beleive the biggest benefit is a 100% working arm. After its out of the cast its been in 1 position for a long time and you need to relearn how to use it and get it working again. Even astro... Read More »