How to Understand What Makes a Country Rich or Poor?

Answer School project? Or do you just want to increase your general knowledge? Whatever the reason, this article will teach you to understand what makes a country rich or poor!

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Who said the Philippines is a poor country with poor people?

I like these questions. It allows me to speak against the lazy people. We do have a lot of poverty. A lot of it is lack of jobs. Much of it is lazy people. The 25% that is talked about being at po... Read More »

Why did robin rob from the rich and give to the poor?

Robin was clearly a democrat. He robbed from the rich because they weren't paying their fair share of taxes. The sheriff of Nottingham was a republican and served the crown by collecting every penn... Read More »

How much more expensive is it to live poor than rich?

I make about 20k a year so I'm far from rich. However..1. I own my home, and no I didn't inherit it. I bought a place I could afford, and paid it off quickly by doubling my principle payments. I di... Read More »

Is Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) a fraud?

Kiyosaki's books and teachings have been criticized by some for having anecdotal lessons, but lacking concrete advice on what exactly one should do. Many readers find his work highly motivational a... Read More »