How to Understand Federal Taxes & Your Paycheck?

Answer Most employers compensate their employees with a paycheck. The Internal Revenue Service requires employers to withhold federal income tax from employees' paycheck. Employers must also withhold Soci... Read More »

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How much of my paycheck goes to federal taxes?

The percentage of your paycheck that goes to federal taxes may depend on your marital status, disability, expenses, number of children, occupation and other relevant factors. This can range from 10... Read More »

How much federal taxes are taken out of a paycheck in Georgia?

The federal taxes taken out of a Georgia paycheck can vary depending on your income, marital status and how many federal allowances you claim. A single Georgia citizen claiming one federal allowanc... Read More »

How much money is withheld for federal taxes per paycheck?

The amount of funds withheld from a paycheck is determined by the amount of withholding claimed on the W-4 forms and the amount the individual earns. For a single person claiming 2, earning $540 to... Read More »

Can a Person Claim Exempt on Federal Taxes for Only One Paycheck?

An employee's federal income tax withholding is based on her W-4 form and the IRS Circular E tax withholding tables. The employee is supposed to put her federal withholding conditions on the W-4, i... Read More »