How to Understand Camshaft Specifications?

Answer Volumes of material and countless articles have been written about camshafts, and the majority of it is vaguely understood by those without formal training in the subject. Trying to simplify it can... Read More »

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How to Understand Camshaft Specs?

The purpose of a camshaft is to open the intake valves to allow the air/fuel mixture to enter the cylinders and to open the exhaust valves to allow the exhaust gases to exit the cylinders after the... Read More »

LT1 Camshaft Specifications?

A camshaft controls valve intake and exhaust on a car engine. The LT1 originated as a high-performance engine designed and used by General Motors during the 1990s. Corvettes, Firebirds, and Camaros... Read More »

Chrysler Camshaft Torque Specifications?

Chrysler manufactures several engines, all known as Mopar engines. The company classifies their engines into families, including B Series, RB Series, A Series and LA series engines. Each family has... Read More »

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse Camshaft Specifications?

A "cam" is a moving part attached to a rotating shaft. This provides a certain type of reciprocating motion to another part with which it comes in contact. When speaking of a car or truck, a cam, w... Read More »