How to Unclog a Urinal?

Answer Urinals are commonly found in two places: men's restrooms and unisex restrooms. If you are in charge of keeping a company restroom clean and in good working order, then at some point you might be ... Read More »

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How would you design a Speedy-Pee Urinal (TM) for a women's room w/ the same sized footprint of a men's urinal?

oo oo....tada!…

How to Use a Female Urinal?

This for the end of another article how to make urinal for women it explains how to use the urinal you built. So let's get stared.

How to Make a Female Urinal?

Any woman can tell you that one of the things they envy about the male anatomy is the ease with which men are able to relieve their bladders ... just about anywhere they choose. When on camping or ... Read More »

How to Make a Urinal for Women?

Men always go standing up, now so can women. A great thing is it doesn't take up to much space, and you can put it anywhere. So if you have an over active bladder at night mount it in your room and... Read More »