How to Unclog a Drain in a GE TFX24JW Freezer?

Answer A clogged freezer drain can cause condensation build-up in your freezer. That condensation will freeze if left unattended and cause ice to form inside of your freezer. It is important to keep your ... Read More »

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How do I align the drain hole in the bottom of my freezer with the drain pan underneath my Kenmore model #106?

Mars Melnicoff said the same thing happened to her at Phonehenge. She just inserted the correct size punch and tapped gently until the metal conformed thus aligning both holes!!!

How to Unclog an Outside Drain?

Almost every drain will clog occasionally. Often, stuck organic material like leaves cause clogs in outside drains. Without fixing the drain, you run the risk of flooding during the next heavy rain... Read More »

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain?

Has your bathtub drain clogged itself? Don't waste your money on a plumber if you can clear it yourself! If your bathtub has not completely stopped up, you may not need to utilize any drastic measu... Read More »

How to Unclog a Sunroof Drain?

Sunroof drains are designed to channel outside water around the sunroof. When these four drains are clogged, water can leak through the cracks and cause damage to the interior of the car. Sunroof d... Read More »