How to Unclog a Concrete Shower Drain?

Answer As with any other type of shower drain, a concrete drain can become clogged from time to time when dirt, hair and other elements wash through the drain and become stuck. Once you have a clog, other... Read More »

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How do you unclog a slow shower drain?

Hair is normally the culprit. Take a clothes hanger and bend a sharp V shape on the end, just big enough to get through the grates, fish it down and pull the hair out. Some grates are easily remo... Read More »

How to Unclog a Slow Shower Drain?

An easy and environmentally safe way to unclog a slow shower drain without tools, or hazardous chemicals.

How to Unclog Bad Drain Clogs in the Shower?

When you have a bad drain clog in the shower area, either you have not cleaned your drain in ages or hair has built up and resulted in a slow moving drain. Cleaning the drain is not difficult, and ... Read More »

Can you unclog a shower drain with a plunger?

Another option is to get a pressurizable drain cleaner. it's a rubberized bladder with a water hose connection on one end and a small hole in the other. When you turn on the hose, AND have the bla... Read More »