How to Unclog Aerosol Spray Bottles?

Answer Aerosol cans can present a common everyday nuisance when they become clogged. Clogs can occur in hairspray, spray paint and other aerosol spray bottles when resins, debris and other materials colle... Read More »

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How do I unclog aerosol sprayers?

Soak the Nozzle OvernightRemove the nozzle from the can. Put it in a container with some paint thinner or mineral spirits. Let it soak overnight.Clear the TubeClear away dried residue that is causi... Read More »

How Do I Unplug Spray Nozzles on New Aerosol Spray Cans?

Under pressure and prone to failing, aerosol spray cans' spray nozzles are also not immune to popping off when you are trying to use them. Clogged spray nozzles affect all types of aerosol spray ca... Read More »

Do you spray the aerosol copper gasket sealant after the parts are together?

Aerosol copper gasket sealant should be sprayed onto both sides of the gasket before you assemble the parts. The solvent should be allowed to evaporate before assembly for best results.Source:perm... Read More »

Compressed Air Brake Cleaners: Spray Vs. Aerosol Cans?

Brake cleaners allow the user to penetrate into the compact, yet dirty area of the braking system that is otherwise difficult to clean. Brake cleaner can be projected by a spray bottle or an aeroso... Read More »