How to Unblock the Ears After a Head Cold?

Answer Blocked or congestion ears are typical with a head cold due to the excess amount of mucus in the body. Mucus can settle in the nose, throat, chest and ears, and the accumulation tends to disappear ... Read More »

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Is head pressure and ringing in the ears normal after a dental procedure?

AnswerNo! You should call the dentist! Make sure that they did not do anything wrong. Good luck to you.

How to Unblock Infants' Ears on Flights?

Does your child suffer ear pain during a long flight? Do you feel guilt because you don't know how to help them? Here are some easy methods to unblock your child's ears and ease their suffering.

What will happen about 8-year-old son hit his head on slab and got blood at top of head and after medical treatment doctor made 5 stitch on the top portion of his head?

What can u do for a cold or head cold (what exactly is a head cold)?

A head cold is generally a problem in the sinuses, caused by anything from allergies to a virus. From your symptoms, I would say you have mucus clogging your sinuses, which can 'pressurize' your wh... Read More »