How to Unblock the Ears After a Head Cold?

Answer Blocked or congestion ears are typical with a head cold due to the excess amount of mucus in the body. Mucus can settle in the nose, throat, chest and ears, and the accumulation tends to disappear ... Read More »

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How to Unblock Infants' Ears on Flights?

Does your child suffer ear pain during a long flight? Do you feel guilt because you don't know how to help them? Here are some easy methods to unblock your child's ears and ease their suffering.

How to Unclog Blocked Ears From a Cold?

The common cold can cause dozens of minor irritants, from runny noses to sore throats to painful coughs. But one of the most annoying side effects of a cold can be the sensation of clogged ears. Th... Read More »

Why does my dog constantly itch his ears&shake his head?

Two common causes of a dog constantly shaking its head and itching its ears are ear mites or a deep ear infection along with a yeast infection. A pet owner can tell the difference between the two b... Read More »

How do u unblock numbers on ur phone I have a number that has been blocked and i need to unblock it.?

Contact your phone company and ask the operator to remove the restriction - unblock the number .