How to Unblock the Air Hose on a Volkswagen Cabrio?

Answer Clogged air hoses can cause a variety of issues with a Volkswagen Cabrio, all generally revolving around the car's ability to idle correctly and start in cold weather. When the proper amount of air... Read More »

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MPG of a 1997 Volkswagen Cabrio?

Consumers who are considering the purchase of a new, environmentally friendly car should compare the miles-per-gallon ratings beforehand. The car's window sticker must also include the estimated an... Read More »

How to Replace a Remote for a 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio?

Keyless entry remotes have become nearly standard on many vehicles around the world, and these remotes add an extra level of convenience and security to your car. Among the Volkswagen models equipp... Read More »

How to Replace Volkswagen Cabrio Headlight Lamps?

The Volkswagen Cabrio features a headlight assembly that facilitates replacing your headlight lamps, more commonly called bulbs. The bulbs are accessed through the rear of the assembly. No special ... Read More »

How to Repair a Volkswagen Cabrio Airbag Light?

The best-selling European convertible in its time, the compact Volkswagen Cabrio combines fuel efficiency and handling with the luxury of a fold-down soft top, all in one small package. The Cabrio ... Read More »