How to Unblock Someone From Texting You?

Answer Text messaging on cell phones is expensive if you do not have a text-messaging plan in place. Activating a text-messaging plan allows you to receive unlimited text messages on your phone. Blocking ... Read More »

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Is it possible to block someone from texting/calling me on my cell?

Tell me where he lives Fallon and i will go whoop his lonely stalker a*s. Lol. But seriously i would call ATT and ask them what you could do and even possibly call the police and see if they know a... Read More »

How does texting to Japan differ from texting to people in your own country?

The texting address on almost all Japanese mobiles are actually an e-mail address. If you ask your friend for their address, you can text them from a PC e-mail to their phones.

How to Unblock Someone on Skype?

Skype lets you block users to prevent them from sending your messages or even seeing when you are online. You can use this for spammers, overly enthusiastic internet contacts or even friends and fa... Read More »

How do you unblock someone on facebook?

ok it very easy go to facebook then click the erow on the right hand corner then click pvrivecy settings and scroll down and it will say blocked people and apps then you click manage blocking and i... Read More »