How to Unbind Service From a Port in Your Linux Server?

Answer Linux services, also known as daemons, run on specific system ports and listen for network connections that come through them. Even system services that do not operate over the Internet may choose ... Read More »

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Converting Windows server files to a Linux server?

Just copy the data over that all you need to do!!!!!!!Libre office will open all microsoft office files.The problem you may have are contact lists and databases. ( a bit of googling will find the a... Read More »

Question about Windows server and Linux server?

Samba is what you are looking for. It may be installed with your Linux server.…

What Is a VNC Server Port?

A VNC server is used to remotely control computers over the Internet. Ports are designated by the Internet Protocol Suite for monitoring incoming connections, and VNC applications listen for incomi... Read More »

How to Set Up an NTP Server in Linux?

The network time protocol (NTP) is a standard method for computers to synchronize their clocks. The protocol allows a client computer with an unreliable clock to communicate over the Internet with ... Read More »