How to Type in Japanese on Facebook?

Answer As the site is available in dozens of countries around the world, Facebook's interface is capable of accommodating several foreign languages, including those that require special characters or alph... Read More »

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Why is facebook marked as misspelled on facebook if you type it in a post?

Probably Something to Do With Spell Check may have Some Glitchs

How do you type this in japanese?


How to Get Japanese Signs on Facebook?

Facebook keeps you in touch with family members and friends through an online social network. If you have friends in your network that speak Japanese -- or if you just want to share a Japanese sign... Read More »

What type of clothing do Japanese people wear on Christmas?

While Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan and there is no specific clothing that Japanese wear for the occasion, it is considered a commercial event where people shop for the season, ador... Read More »