How to Type a Variable With an Exponent?

Answer Variables and exponents are terms you hear about in most high school or college algebra classrooms. Variables are letters that represent various values. Exponents are numbers that indicate to which... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Variable Exponent?

In algebra, exponents are used to make an equation shorter in expression when there are instances of repeated multiplication. Variable exponents are components in a mathematical equation that have ... Read More »

How Do I Type in a Lower Case Number Two for an Exponent?

An exponent symbolizes the number of times to multiply a base number by itself. The exponent must sit to the right of the base number, and must be smaller and raised slightly higher than the base n... Read More »

How to Store a String Variable in Integer Type?

When using a programming language, it is often necessary to store one type of data as another. In the case of a program that takes customer information data, the customer's telephone number may be ... Read More »

How to Solve for One Variable in Terms of Another Variable?

An equation with multiple variables, or a multivariate equation, is as dependent on those variables as the variables are on each other. Often, as with a system of linear equations or solution of a ... Read More »